“Lessons Learned”


My husband at the time said, “I can’t do this anymore.” We got into a fight about having a baby (I wanted to and he didn’t), and he cheated and got the girl pregnant right after.


Aftermath: I have since remarried a wonderful man and just had a beautiful baby boy. But part of me wants to know what happened and why he hurt me like that.

This post was submitted by Heather.


“They deserve each other”


I should have known it was over after I bought myself a very expensive Christmas present and he offered to pay me for it so he wouldn’t have to go buy me something himself.

 I should have known it was over when talking about getting married he said “Why not? If it doesn’t work, we’ll just get a divorce.”

 It WAS over when, after moving to another state for him and having a hard time adjusting, he said “If you’re so miserable here, just go home.” We were married.

—Better Off Without Him

Aftermath: Two days later, I was packed and driving home. He told his family that he was coming to see me to get back. He was coming to see the girl he had started sleeping with before we had moved. She ended up knocked up. He ended up stuck with her. They deserve each other.

This post was submitted by Better Off Without Him.


“I only do that with someone I love”


It started as co-workers, then roommates, then occasional sex. Eventually, we lived as a family and I thought of her daughter as my own. One night I brought up (the lack of) oral sex and she told me she only did that with someone she was in love with. Ouch.


Aftermath: I left her when she went to see her parents out-of-state. She came home to an empty house and I never looked back.

This post was submitted by Tom.


“Baby daddy backstab”


She was pregnant with her ex’s baby when we started dating. For 9 months she refered to me as “daddy.” One day I did so, and she said, “Don’t you think it’s a bit early for that?”


Aftermath: She has apologized to me on several occasions stating, “I will regret feeling/saying that for the rest of my life.” I tell her “tough” as I will never be able to trust her again.

This post was submitted by Brad.


“Gave all the $$ away…”


We were married for many years, and we were bickering a lot. I found out that she had cried on another man’s shoulder. This dude talked her into getting him a personal loan for a very large amount of money. She also took half our savings and some home equity and gave it to him.


Aftermath: I filed for divorce. Dude was supposed to pay her back the money from loan. He made a couple payments and then stopped. She went bankrupt.

This post was submitted by Mark.