“My “dirty jew” best friend”

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We were planning our wedding and my best friend offered to play at the reception for us. Oher than a one-time hook-up in college, we had always been platonic. My now-ex proceeded to say he could “never have children with a woman who slept with a dirty jew.” I threw him out in the middle of the night and never saw him again.


Aftermath: I told my doorman to never let him up to my apartment again. A few months later, he proposed – with my ring – to his Aryan, psycho ex who harassed me throughout our relationship. Good riddance!

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“Fool for you”

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It wasn’t over when: 1. She ran out crying to her friend’s home and left me with her teen son. 2. She told me that I should hide from her ex-husband so she wouldn’t be sued. 3. She introduced me as her friend. 4. She presumed that she knew more about me than me. 5. She belittled me in front of others. No. After years of enduring humiliations, it was over when she told me, “I’m not happy.” At which point I had a nuclear meltdown.

—Mr. Patience

Aftermath: Love blinds a man from reality. Love makes a man a fool. I am now relieved and happily enjoying the company of someone that appreciates me.

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“Financial support and not much else”

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He told me that he’s too busy for a girlfriend and all my “needs”. I can stick around and he will support me financially but not to expect much else for at least the next couple years until he gets his business running smoothly.


Aftermath: Still trying to figure out how to extradite myself. I work in one of his businesses. Leaving him means being homeless AND jobless.

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“Cat crap revenge”


He hated my cat. My cat hated him.

After a few months of them fighting for dominance, he tossed my cat out one night. The next morning he found a steaming pile on the driver seat in his car.


Aftermath: Cat was there first.

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“(Not) Jealous Much?”

chemistry clashes

We were at a bar with friends. A young, attractive French man was showing interest in me. Later that night, when I asked my boyfriend if the incident made him jealous, he looked me in the eyes, and, with all seriousness replied, “No.”


Aftermath: Hint taken. Thanks for being blunt.

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