“He’s no Prince”


My ex (who pees off the deck every morning) threw my Prince import CD out the redneck truck window because “Prince is a purple faggot.”

—Bub-bye a-hole

Aftermath: I ordered a new cd and moved out. PSYCHO.

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“Paycheck porn problems”


I knew it was over when he decided to stop his paycheck deposit into our bank account, establish an individual account and proceeded to finance a $400 per month porn club membership. He used the remaining money for drugs.


Aftermath: Anyone else is welcome to him, cuz I’m done!!!

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“Go Giants”


He liked the Dallas cowboys. I like the New York Giants.


Aftermath: He then told me he was an “everyone” fan after yelling at me for not liking the Cowboys

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“Used and Abused”

clashes secrets!

I helped her get through being raped by one of her family members. As soon as everything began to go back to normal, she said she didn’t have a “passionate love for me.”

—The Coach

Aftermath: She was a drama queen. I bet none of it even happened. Pretty sure there was another guy the entire time.

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“Ice cream craze”


After a long day at work I was chillin’ and watching TV with her. An ice cream commercial came on. She asked me to get it for her NOW… I said that I just want to watch the show…and she starts a screamfest.

—Dee Zee

Aftermath: Adios!

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