“Burger King”


Went out with a Korean customer recently in the U.S. He called before the date & kept repeating, “Jennifer. Jennifer. I like you. Do you like me?” I went anyway. Our first stop was Burger King. He sat next to me & kept rubbing my leg and I kept removing his hand. No real conversation. Then to a dive bar where he rubbed my leg & still no conversation. In his car, he kept pawing my chest. I had to apply a joint lock to remove his hand.


Aftermath: It was over at the BK, but I finished the date. A girlfriend who spent time in Korea later told me that most Korean mens’ only exposure to American women was in the movies, and therefore thought we were all “easy.”

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“Lose me”

best of clashes

After a year and a half of being on-and-off, he called to let me know he wasn’t ready to lose me…or the woman two decades older than me that he had begun seeing.


Aftermath: It lasted as long as it took me to hang up the phone.




About a year into our relationship she told me she felt that I didn’t give her the space to practice her Wiccan religion freely. I was totally dumbfounded and asked her how she thought I was not giving her that personal space. (We didn’t live together). She said she didn’t know, yet still stuck with her point.


Aftermath: It lasted a week after that. That comment, plus her moping all the time about everything and anything, totally killed it. Nothing is worth that.

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“Fast & hard”


My boyfriend and I fell in love, fast & hard. Shortly after that, I found out I was expecting a baby. Soon after that, I found out my boyfriend had an addiction to prescription pills. I knew it was over while still recovering from my c-section delivery. He was stealing my pain medication out of my purse. Nice guy, huh?


Aftermath: Our relationship lasted another two long years. He went from one addiction to the next and I realized what an idiot I was.

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“World of Warcraft, naked”


A month before our five-year anniversary, he told me he couldn’t make love to me because I’d become so fat that he couldn’t stand looking at me naked. I gained about 11 lbs, or 5 kg. Four months before that, he weighted 275lbs (125kg), so I told him he was a hypocrite. He then apologized, but started sleeping with another woman whom he met on a World of Warcraft server.


Aftermath: We lasted for another 15 days, tried to be friends for months but it always ended with him trying to sleep with me. Four months later, I met a guy who showed me what a loving relationship should look like.

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