“Mental Difficulties”


He joined the Army and quit basic training because of “mental difficulties.”

— GtacieT

Aftermath: I wasn’t there when he came home.

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“Vacation at Club Med(ication)”


I took her to Catalina Island. About twenty minutes into the ferry ride she informed me she forgot her “meds.” She spent the weekend shopping alone with my money and hiding in the hotel room with the lights off and the blinds pulled. ’Nuff said.

— Pat

Aftermath: After our return I quietly made other living arrangements. Her keeping the dog is my only regret.

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“Must Obey”


I opened his daily planner and saw “Must Obey” written on the inside pages on each of the days, along with “JJ (his male best friend) left with no sex, I felt I was owed,” and “Googled porn today.” I couldn’t have left any faster.

— Nicole

Aftermath: I broke up with him quickly there after saying I wasn’t “romantically interested in him anymore.” It was the truth.

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At the end of the date, he held me in a death grip and plastered his disgustingly wet lips (and tongue) across my mouth. Then he pulled back and said, “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

— Amy

Aftermath: Ugh, it was worse than bad. I never saw him again.

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“Star Man”


We were at the beach and he pointed at the stars and said “that’s the Big Dipper.” When I looked it was Orion’s Belt.

— W

Aftermath: Told him I was dating someone else.

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