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I met my boyfriend at a New Year’s party and found out right after our first kiss that we lived over an hour apart. But I thought, no big deal. Nine months later, when he made it very clear he was never leaving his childhood town and there was no way I was moving up there, it kind of spelled the end.


Aftermath: Men would rather chew off their own arm than come out and say “This isn’t going anywhere.” So I had to make the call, which sucked because I still think he’s unbelievably attractive!

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“Or What”


I started dating a friend and five minutes into our first date, he looked at me and asked, “So… we gonna make out now or what?” He also invited himself to spend the night at my place that same night. I told him that I’d rather he didn’t, as I had to get up early for work, but he insisted. When I got blankets and a pillow from the closet for him, he rolled his eyes and said, quite peevishly, “So I guess I’m sleeping on the couch, then?”


Aftermath: I broke up with him a week later. He still tells people that when I “figure out what I want,” we’ll be together. It’s been almost four years since that first date.

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I knew it was over when he admitted that he voted for George Dubya both times. He tried to justify his reasoning, but I don’t date Republicans.


Aftermath: I stuck around for one more make-out session then called it quits.


“Couldn’t Stand”


I knew it was over when I couldn’t stand talking to him on the phone or having him over after 3 days of “going steady.”


Aftermath: We dated for 2 months after that.

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