“I Should Have Known”

best of chemistry

It should have ended right when he broke up with me an hour after asking me out to get back with his stupid, cheating wh*re of an ex that I was trying to help him get over.


Aftermath: We got together about a week later and were together for about 2 years before I dumped him for a number of reasons. I just found out that he and the whore ex are engaged. Honestly, I hope they both choke.

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“Dear John”

best of chemistry

She wanted to watch the movie “Dear John” while I was planning to watch Super Bowl at my friend’s place. She told there will always be a repeat telecast.


Aftermath: Thankfully, I did not even see the “Dear John” trailer during the Super Bowl….

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“It’s All Politics”

best of chemistry

I had been dating this guy I had met at work and I thought things were going okay, he’s a really good guy, until we’re out at dinner a few months before the election for President… Somehow politics get brought up and of course he doesn’t have the same views as me. We get into a heated discussion and I knew it was over when we didn’t see eye to eye on the same beliefs and dreams for our Country.


Aftermath: 2 years later I run into him again and he asks me if I still have the same political views. I say yes and he shakes his head and sighs. Needless to say, we will never be dating and I’m okay with that.

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“Could it be…hmm…Satan?”

best of chemistry

For months it was a rollercoaster of ups and downs, breaking up and getting back together. I should of known it was PERMANENTLY over when he said he didn’t believe in evolution (I’m a scientist) and that gays were caused by Satan.


Aftermath: I think we stayed together for a few more months.

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“That IS Too Bad”

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We were snowed in at her parent’s house and I’d spent the last three and a half hours digging her and her family out. Exhausted, I sagged to the floor of her room and asked if she had any Chapstick. “I offered you some yesterday and you didn’t take it.” “I didn’t need it yesterday.” “Well, than that’s too bad, isn’t it?”
I silently stood up and left the room.


Aftermath: First night I was stuck there was great; second night, she was downright mean. Still not sure if I’m COMPLETELY done with her, but damn, I’m close. I didn’t wait for her to finish a semester abroad so she could come back and talk to me like I’m ten years old.

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