“Girl Hands”

best of chemistry

I met a wonderful, smart, attractive man who was, surprisingly, interested in pursuing a relationship. It was fun, sexy, and the most “adult” relationship I’ve had to date. I should have known, though, that as soon as I saw his girl hands—his tiny, tapered, dainty fingers—I had found my deal-breaker. Unless he planned on mountain-climbing bare-handed to toughen those bad boys up, there was no way they were coming near me again.


Aftermath: We dated for a few months, but the hands, combined with growing emotional dependence, sent me running. We’re still friends. He doesn’t know why I really broke it off.

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“Ask the Cat”

best of chemistry

It was over when he asked his cats what I wanted to do that day. In a doggy voice.

—Mizz Gooch

Aftermath: I f***ing hate cats. Only later did I find out that he named one of his cats after his favorite porn star.

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I like men with beards. It was over when i realized that all we had in common was that i liked beards and he used to have one.


Aftermath: It took a few months, and there were other reasons, but I realized that this was the turning point. He also had a weak chin.

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“Buffalo Sabres”


We were both huge Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. After a few weeks telling me we were going to go to a few games because her father had season tickets, she called me. She had three things to tell me. 1) We were going to go a Sabres game the next week. 2) She wanted to be just friends from then on out.


Aftermath: Well, there was no number 3, we never wound up going to the game, and she started dating some other dude shortly after. I believe they have been to many games.

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“Internet Love”

best of chemistry

I knew it was over before it began. We met over the Internet and began the most intense, loving, honest relationship either of us had ever had. We had said we would meet one day but due to issues in both our lives, that never seemed to happen.


Aftermath: 9 months later, we realized it was too perfect and magical to work in real life. I don’t regret a single day.