“Looking for Casual Encounters”


I had met a beautiful woman online. We clicked and the sex was amazing. After a month, we were on our way to watch a meteor shower, and she hid from her ex-boyfriend’s friend because she didn’t want him to see us together.

— Jae

Aftermath: The next day I got an email from her saying she didn’t want to be together. She will text me randomly when she wants favors from me. Oh, and she doesn’t know I read her Craigslist ads for “Casual Encounters.”

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“Missing appendage”


I had been chatting with a guy on the internet. We decided to meet. Things got heated and “petting” started. Imagine my surprise when I reached over and found he was missing a leg. Thank goodness he was wearing his prosthetic. I think I would’ve mentioned that in a previous chat to save the shock at a heated moment.

— Shocked

Aftermath: We chatted a few more times and went our separate ways. NOT due to the missing appendage…lol

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“Sleep Farter”


The gorgeous guy I was seeing came back to my apartment. In a matter of 5 minutes, he had completely passed out and filled my entire room with farts so bad it made me gag.

— Rachel

Aftermath: After a few more dates it was apparent that he had a serious drinking problem.

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“Leave of Absence”


After two years she sent me this text: “I have decided to take a personal leave of absence due to personal issues.”

— Bob

Aftermath: I was the personal issue.

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“I’d wait if I had to marry you”


On one of our first dates, he asked me if I was “one of those crazy girls who wanted to wait till marriage [for sex].” We hadn’t even kissed yet.

— “Crazy” Girl

Aftermath: We eventually broke up.  I met a totally amazing guy and he doesn’t call me crazy.

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