“Rug Burn”


We were visiting my very conservative parents for the first time. My mother made a comment about getting new carpeting. My girlfriend bent down and rubbed her hand across the floor and exclaimed this is great “girl carpet” because it’s “so soft on your knees!”

— Will

Aftermath: This was just one of many times she made these type of comments to see what kind of reaction she’d get. My reaction was to rethink where our relationship was going.

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“More than once”


On the first date she asked, “How long do you think you should date someone before you propose to them?”

— M.W.

Aftermath: She wanted me to meet her parents that week. I broke it off.

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“Face Licker”


On our first date, in the middle of the dance floor, he licked my face (full tongue) from my chin to my ear.

— Mandy

Aftermath: I never saw him again.

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“At least she asked first”


She asked me if she could have a girlfriend.

— K.E.

Aftermath: We stopped seeing each other.

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“Baritone Racist”

best of chemistry

We were at a bus stop. Every time an African-American would drive by she would say, “N*****” (said it like Ni-guh) in a deep voice.

— Arturo

Aftermath: I walked across the street and got on a bus going the opposite direction. I’m mixed-race.

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