“The Risk”


I heard the accent and realized that he was from another country. Despite the circumstances and my staunch refusal to fall in love, it happened. When I told him (we were now official) how I felt, he said that I was the perfect person for him, but that I wasn’t worth the risk on his heart.


Aftermath: After many tears, we are still trying to be friends, but if I am the perfect person for him, I’d love to meet who he WOULD be willing to risk his heart for.

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“Too Fast!!”

best of chemistry

We went out on a group date for our first date with some mutual friends. I had a good time and he drove me home. I kissed him at my door, a little closed-mouth peck on the lips. I knew it was over when he IMed me a couple days later saying that I was “moving too fast.”


Aftermath: I knew it would never last with that attitude. I think he’s engaged now, according to Facebook. Good for him.

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“Redneck Virgin”

best of chemistry

He liked me so much that I agreed to date him. The first red flag should have been that he was a 34 year old virgin. The second should have been that he shouted racial slurs at the television when minorities were pictured. And, finally, he had a confederate flag on his truck. The last straw was when he didn’t think I should have any friends, so that I could be available to him at all times.


Aftermath: I picked a fight with him on a topic that I knew would make him so mad he would walk out. He tried to make up the next day but I said it was over. He said that he still wanted to date me even though he didn’t like me as a person.

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We were spending a week near a lake, and one night sitting on a bench on the shore, full moon, beautiful romantic night, hand in hand, with a wonderful glass of wine. She said she was very thankful for me bringing her here and spending this week together. Right after this, she asked to be alone for a few minutes.


Aftermath: The next day we went home and instead of spending the rest of the week together, she went out with her friends without inviting me. I called her and heard her drunk friends singing in the background. I yelled with her for a few minutes, then never called her again.

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“Pot smoking loser”


I dated him for about 8 months, then he told me he never loved me.


Aftermath: He lived with mommy and daddy, smoked too much, the sex was bad, and drove mommy and daddy’s vehicle. He was a loser anyway!

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