She had a tendency to turn into the world’s most overly sympathetic, somewhat embarrassing LGBT advocate when drunk, to the point of making one wonder whether or not she used to have a penis herself.

— No room

Aftermath: Never found out for sure.

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“Not hot enough on FB”


He made me change my Facebook profile pic because the one I had up wasn’t hot enough and he wanted his friends to see how hot I was.

— NotaDoormat

Aftermath: Decided I couldn’t take any more crap.

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“How many times?”


As I was moving in she told me she had been married 5 times. Her daughter later told me she thought it was more like 8 times! Hello door.

— Doc

Aftermath: She remarried.

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“Fake lesbian”


I met a girl on a  gay/lesbian dating website. I invited her over to my place with my roommate there so it wouldn’t be creepy. We had a great time and decided to go out again. She later told me that she would rather date my roommate, who is a guy.

— srd

Aftermath: My roommate told her he wasn’t interested and now I refuse to talk to her.

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“Much More Interesting”


My wife informed me that she was seeing someone else because we just didn’t have the same interests.

— T

Aftermath: The man she left me for has charges pending against him for fondling a 12-year-old girl. I can see how he is more interesting….

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