He started crying for no reason, he crawled over into my lap, nuzzled his face into my neck, and I faintly heard him call me “Mommy.”

— Kay

Aftermath: We were done shortly thereafter.

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“Mom of The Year”

best of chemistry

A woman I was dating told me that she moved to our state because they can’t garnish her wages for child support for her 3 children that she left with her ex-husband and hadn’t contacted in 2 years.

— Randy

Aftermath: I never called her again.

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“Victoria’s Secret”


He took me to Victoria’s Secret.

— Marianne

Aftermath: To buy himself panties.

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“Dream Killer”


After 5 years he told me that I killed his dreams.

— Amber

Aftermath: I told him to move out.

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“Thanks for the heads up”


He told me that I would read about him in the papers when he kills himself.

— Miss Liss

Aftermath: We haven’t spoken since.

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