“Short Skirt”


I rescheduled our first date because friends from out of town arrived a day early. At first he seemed fine but then I received this text: “You will continue to lose respect from ppl you meet because of YOUR LIES. SHORT SKIRTS WONT HELP U.”

— Ashley

Aftermath: I responded by saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

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“Gender Confused Much?”


He told me that he was incapable of being the male in a relationship, then says that he liked it better when I was “courting him.”

— Not Courting You

Aftermath: I mentally gave him one month to shape up. I ended things.

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“Real life Shania Twain song”


He told me to take off my shoes before entering his car.

— Lily

Aftermath: I dealt with that crap for two years.

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“Puppy Love”


On our first date I told her I had a male Labrador Retriever. She had a female Poodle and proceeded to describe in length how beautiful “our puppies” were going to be.

— Owen

Aftermath: I didn’t have the courage to tell her he was fixed.

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“Movin’ Out”


I bought her a truck so she could move herself out.

— rick

Aftermath: She did.

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