“Crack Whore”

chemistry weird

I knew it was over when she told me that she had just got out of rehab for crack and she was ashamed of all the things she had done to get crack.


Aftermath: I dropped .00 on the table and never looked back.

This post was submitted by Dennis.


“Club Girl”

chemistry clashes

With me she was a quiet, innocent girl. At the club she was loud and crazy – 180 degrees from who I thought she was…


Aftermath: I should have ended it there, but she begged not to leave her. It went on for 2 more years. She’s been engaged and dumped twice since.


“Ambien Stupor”

chemistry clashes

I knew it was over when (the morning after) he told me that in my Ambien stupor I said I could only be with someone who was English. He was Welsh.


Aftermath: We email from time to time, but I don’t think he will ever date anyone who takes Ambien.


“Translator trust”

chemistry manners

My boyfriend (Russian) and I (American Chinese) were talking on Skype, and being the internationally inclined nerds we are, we started looking up how to say different things in each other’s languages. He tried saying “I like you” in Chinese, and so I decided to surprise him by saying “I like you” in Russian. Unfortunately I said “I love you.”


Aftermath: He nervously laughed and said “I don’t think I’m ready for that.” Don’t trust online translators. Ever.


“Downhill run”

chemistry clashes

She told me she ran 10 miles a day and she still wasn’t that thin. I knew it was all downhill when she really “let herself go.”


Aftermath: About two more weeks.