“Kissing Cousins”

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On our first (and last) date, we discovered that we are, in fact, second cousins.


Aftermath: He called me for 2 more weeks asking for a 2nd date before he finally gave up.

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“Seperated but clingy”

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The first time I decided to go all the way with him, he had a hard time raising the flag. After a disappointing performance (he thought he did a great job), he didn’t want me to leave and wrapped his legs and arms around me. I tried waiting until he went to sleep, but he woke up when I tried to sneak out, and I had to tell him I was going to the bathroom before he’d let me go.

—Swinging Single

Aftermath: I told him that I was so wracked with guilt about sleeping with a married man, even though they were separated, but that I hoped we could still be friends.

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“Financial support and not much else”

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He told me that he’s too busy for a girlfriend and all my “needs”. I can stick around and he will support me financially but not to expect much else for at least the next couple years until he gets his business running smoothly.


Aftermath: Still trying to figure out how to extradite myself. I work in one of his businesses. Leaving him means being homeless AND jobless.

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“Best friends?”


My best friend took my virginity. We were secretly a couple for the next five months. He texted me saying he wanted to take a break. Three days later he drunk dialed me to tell me it was over, he loved me, but wanted to f*ck this hot chick at his gym.


Aftermath: We are still best friends but I am still in love with him. I hate the fugly pig whore from the gym who is now his girlfriend. He tells me he loves me every day.

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“Swings both ways”

chemistry sex

After dating her a couple weeks I was driving her home for the first time. As I pulled into her driveway I saw her GIRLFRIEND running at me with a baseball bat. Guess she wasn’t up for a three-way.


Aftermath: I heard her girlfriend dumped her and she gained 40 pounds. Maybe she should have stuck with dudes.

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