“The Kitchen”

best of secrets!

It ended when my son walked into the kitchen and my fiancé was having oral sex with a friend of mine.


Aftermath: It lasted long enough for me to allow him to pack his stuff.


“Counter Attack”

best of weird

It was over when I came home and found a Ziploc bag filled with poo left on my kitchen counter next to a note “Had a great time—you rocked my night! xxx” with her phone number. She had broken the toilet and I guess was too mortified to leave her business in the bowl, so she scooped it out, bagged it and forgot it on the counter.


Aftermath: I never heard from her again, but her roommate told me she was devastated. We really did have great chemistry, but in the end…

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“Kegel Homework”

best of sex

We were having sex and he asked me if I could “tighten my sh*t up.” I hopped off. He kissed my shoulder and passed out drunk.

—He was a good kisser

Aftermath: Never talked to him again.

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“Dumb A**”

best of sex

He asked if the blow job I gave him the night before could have gotten me pregnant.


Aftermath: I spent a couple of weeks in denial before I finally broke it off, but I felt so much better once I did.

This post was submitted by Ann.


“You Had Time”

best of weird

It was over when I told him that I needed a few days to myself because I was feeling smothered, then he sent me an instant message 8 hours later to see if I’d had enough time yet.


Aftermath: I signed off AIM and ignored his calls that day, then I broke up with him the next day in person. He sobbed.

This post was submitted by Amy.

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