“Wedding Chapel”

best of weird

He partied a lot and I was getting out of a 5-year relationship, so I wasn’t looking for anything. We took a last-minute trip to Vegas for my birthday. On the 2nd day of our 6-day trip, he took me to the little white wedding chapel and actually asked me to marry him. Of course, he was crazed out on all sorts of pills and he fell over while proposing! I left him on the ground and told him it wasn’t going to work out.


Aftermath: I had the best time in Vegas after leaving him. I got an upgraded room thanks to winnings. We sat on the plane together and he said I would have to take a taxi home because I had no friends. Of course, my ride showed up before his.

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“New in Town”

best of weird

We moved to a new city together and soon I started making new friends. He didn’t and he became very suspicious. In fact, one night he asked my co-workers if I was “really at work,” followed me home from work and inspected my underwear when I was taking a shower. It promptly ended that night.


Aftermath: I had to live with his crazy behavior for the next three months afterward until I could move into a new place.

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“Elton John”

best of clashes

During a phone conversation, I mentioned I was going to see Elton John with my siblings. He made an anti-gay remark which I, at first, thought was a joke. He then proceeded to get angry and go on an anti-gay rant. When I told him that I had several gay friends and was pro-gay rights and that I tried to explain things to my young daughter so she would be tolerant, he told me he thought less of me as a person and said maybe I should start taking my daughter to church.


Aftermath: I hung up on him. He proceeded to call me or have his friend call me for days. I didn’t answer. I’m now happily married—to someone else.

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“I’ll Pass”

best of sex

He suggested we have sex and I agreed if he had protection. He stands up, digs through his laundry hamper and pulls out a condom that’s already been opened and unrolled.


Aftermath: I never slept with him, though we continued seeing each other for a month because I felt bad.

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“The Others”

best of weird

We were cuddling on his couch watching The Others and he said…“I could keep you here forever!” It was our first date…


Aftermath: He called me the next Saturday over a dozen times and I ignored him. He finally gave up.

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