“Too Fast!!”

best of chemistry

We went out on a group date for our first date with some mutual friends. I had a good time and he drove me home. I kissed him at my door, a little closed-mouth peck on the lips. I knew it was over when he IMed me a couple days later saying that I was “moving too fast.”


Aftermath: I knew it would never last with that attitude. I think he’s engaged now, according to Facebook. Good for him.

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“Pillow Talk”

best of weird

We went to a fancy hotel. I slept with my pillow over my head because he snores, and in the morning he accused me of using the pillow so I could talk on the phone to other men while he was sleeping. He said he verified this with the front desk. I knew he was bluffing because I didn’t use the phone at all.


Aftermath: I checked out by myself that morning and never spoke to him again.

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“Sucker Puncher”

best of clashes

A short time after moving in together, we were arguing and she flipped over a bucket full of Pine Sol water I was holding, getting it all over me and nearly ruining her loveseat. Later that day, she got in my face and clinched her fist like she was going to hit me.


Aftermath: She hit me twice … a few months later. I had just broken up with her and, from three feet away, she through her phone at my face. Then she sucker punched me while I was tending to my eye, which was closed up. We don’t speak anymore.

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“Redneck Virgin”

best of chemistry

He liked me so much that I agreed to date him. The first red flag should have been that he was a 34 year old virgin. The second should have been that he shouted racial slurs at the television when minorities were pictured. And, finally, he had a confederate flag on his truck. The last straw was when he didn’t think I should have any friends, so that I could be available to him at all times.


Aftermath: I picked a fight with him on a topic that I knew would make him so mad he would walk out. He tried to make up the next day but I said it was over. He said that he still wanted to date me even though he didn’t like me as a person.

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“Maid of (dis)honor”

best of secrets!

Six months before the wedding, I finally discovered why my fiance wouldn’t let me in the room when he was on the computer. He was having an online affair with my best friend (and my maid of honor) who was overseas at the time. I was the last one to know, as apparently it had been going on for almost a year.


Aftermath: I may have made a few death threats at the time that resulted in her sprinting in the other direction when we ran into each other on the street. They ended up getting married, and he cheats on her now. I am so relieved that I didn’t end up with someone so insecure that he needs to sleep around to feel like a big man.

This post was submitted by Sarah.