“I Should Have Known”

best of chemistry

It should have ended right when he broke up with me an hour after asking me out to get back with his stupid, cheating wh*re of an ex that I was trying to help him get over.


Aftermath: We got together about a week later and were together for about 2 years before I dumped him for a number of reasons. I just found out that he and the whore ex are engaged. Honestly, I hope they both choke.

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best of weird

We went on a lot of dates and always had fun. A month or so later, as we lay in bed after he slept with me for the first time, he asked me if I wanted to see the engagement ring his ex-fiance returned to him a few months before. Then he started talking about how he didn’t want to get rid of it in case she changed her mind.


Aftermath: I feel sorry for him but not for myself.

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“Dear John”

best of chemistry

She wanted to watch the movie “Dear John” while I was planning to watch Super Bowl at my friend’s place. She told there will always be a repeat telecast.


Aftermath: Thankfully, I did not even see the “Dear John” trailer during the Super Bowl….

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“Good at Computers”

best of quirks

I asked my new boyfriend how he got so good at computers. He replied, “Well, I was addicted to porn for a while.”


Aftermath: Have not talked since.

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“A List”

best of clashes

She had a list of all my friends who she hated for taking “attention” away from her.


Aftermath: Left that crazy chick. Not sure what ever happened to the her or the list. My friends are all still alive.

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