“Ground floor”

best of secrets!

He informed me that he would “be a millionaire someday” and I should “get in on the ground floor.” I laughed. He wasn’t joking.


Aftermath: We never went out again and he was subsequently convicted of felony theft and related charges.


“Mother Lover”

best of sex

He said he has never had better sex than the sex he has with my mother in his mind. We were both grown adults…


Aftermath: We drifted apart, but I actually attended his wedding a few years later.


“Sorry Buddy”

best of secrets!

I think it is gonna be over since I found this website written on a piece of paper.


Aftermath: Still waiting.


“Mad Sex Daily”

best of sex

We were fast & furious lovers, mad sex daily, road tripping & partying every night for 3 months. I moved to take a new job. I asked her to move with me, she said “It’s possible, let me visit”. She visited for 3 days, I bought her an early birthday gift, a vibrator. She returned it.


Aftermath: She returned home & decided there was too much passion & sex in our relationship and we should cool it. I never heard from her again…


“Sickly attachment”

best of quirks

I realized he had a sickly attachment to his mother and preferred porn over sex with a woman with a great body who knows how to use it.


Aftermath: We went on and off for a year and a half, though it should’ve ended a lot sooner! I left him after he copped out of picking me up at the airport and left me to take a shuttle in snowy, holiday, gridlocked traffic. I got home SIX hours later than I should have.