“Real estate”


She suggested we get married, move into my grandmother’s house, move my grandmother out, sell the house and then move into a smaller house in her city, 200 miles away. She brought this up repeatedly over a couple of months and got angrier every time I expressed any doubt about this scheme. It devolved into her calling me up at odd hours to scream and curse at me about the housing market and what a “f***ing dope” I was being.


Aftermath: I couldn’t take her verbal abuse anymore, so I ended our five-year relationship via text. She left me a ton of voice mail and ended up mailing back my things — after she smashed them all into tiny bits.


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  1. Yobwoc says on :

    Wow how did you put up with her for 5 years?
    Sounds like a real bitch. I hope you give your grandmother lots of hugs.

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