“Roommate kiss…”

best of secrets!

It was over the minute his roommate kissed me. It just took me two years of bulls*** and misery to realize it.


Aftermath: Roommate and I have been together for three years now. (He thinks it’s only been two.)


6 Responses to “Roommate kiss…”

  1. Cameronaut says on :

    not in like a sleeping around sense…just the being really mean to someone who thought u cared about them sense…should have let him go instead of holding on and being with the room mate behind his back…

  2. stax says on :

    Why does he think it’s only been two?

  3. Yobwoc says on :

    Sounds like you are a cheat… And things seem to balance out…Karma?

  4. Nobody Uknow says on :

    You’re both awful people. You deserve each other

  5. rayray says on :

    One word: WHORE!

  6. Cas says on :

    Agree with rayray. Cheated on your boyfriend for a year? It doesn’t matter how bad you thought he was, you are the bad guy here. Maybe you’ll get your life in order after you get dumped by the roommate for cheating on him too, since we all know that’s an inevitability.

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