“Monty Python”

best of weird

About two months into the relationship, we were cuddling on the couch watching “Monty Python” and he spilled a glass of ice water on me. I yelled at him for being a klutz. After drying off, I came back in the room and apologized. He forgave me, and gave me a comforting hug. A few minutes later, when I pointed out how sweet he was, he told me that he knew I can’t help what I say because of the chip the government has implanted in my brain.


Aftermath: I’m an assertive girl, but assertion doesn’t work with crazies. I told him I was going to backpack Europe and left. He sent me several long emails and a few tearful voicemails, but I didn’t respond.


2 Responses to “Monty Python”

  1. stax says on :

    I think he got off lucky.

  2. duffy says on :

    He was stupid for dealing with you after that. Getting condescending over an accident….awesome.