“Mood Music/Mood Killer”

best of sex

We were getting ready to have sex when he darted over to the computer to put on some “mood music” (his words, not mine) and got distracted by his gaming buddies on ICQ. I finally got his attention and we got down to business but every time the ICQ alert would sound, it’d completely throw him off rhythm. When we were done, he all but ran to the computer, presumably to tell all his friends what a girl was like.


Aftermath: Cheated on him a week later and ended it the next day. At least the break-up sex was good.


3 Responses to “Mood Music/Mood Killer”

  1. Anwen says on :

    I have no respect for you, BlueCanary.

  2. honeyrrsted says on :

    Anwen – you obviously haven’t dated a guy like that, then.

  3. MajorKelly says on :

    Forget the sex. Was he good at ICQ? lol

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