“I couldn’t shake this poor boy”


After only a few weeks of dating, I agreed begrudgingly to accompany him to his best friend’s wedding, where he was Best Man. After being ignored all afternoon, I rejoiced in meeting a sweet, in-the-closet, spotty teenager who was a competitive ballroom roller skater with fabulous outfits. Too bad he rejoiced in meeting me, too. I couldn’t shake this poor boy. He literally followed me wherever I went, while my date smoked cigarettes with his friends. I finally told my date, “If you leave me alone with that kid one more time, I’m breaking up with you.”


Aftermath: That’s exactly what happened.


3 Responses to “I couldn’t shake this poor boy”

  1. Gman says on :

    Believe it or not, when your date is in someone else’s wedding, the entire night isn’t about you.

  2. rayray says on :

    Good call Gman!

  3. MajorKelly says on :

    How did you know he was “in the closet”? Maybe he was a straight guy with gay hobbies who desperately wanted a woman’s acceptance. I’m just sayin’.

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