“Staring into space”


I left him on the couch while I took a long, hot, post-jogging shower. When I emerged, he was sitting in the exact same spot. “What did you do while I was in the shower?” “Sat.” He hadn’t surfed the Internet, read a book, taken a nap. He’d sat staring into space for 20 minutes.


Aftermath: I tried for eight months to make it work because he was the nicest man I’d ever met. When I finally dumped him, he kicked my kitchen cupboard and broke it in two.


6 Responses to “Staring into space”

  1. jonzey36 says on :

    um so you broke it off with “the nicest guy youve ever met” because he zoned out for 20 mins while you were showering?

  2. KnowBuddy says on :

    You cant always take what a guy says off the cuff too literally. He may have actually been thinking long and hard about you, or what he might do or say next when you emerged, but was not bold enough to admit it. Not all guys can actively multitask while they are deep in thought.
    Maybe you might have asked him what he was thinking about. Perhaps he wanted to join you in the shower (or not)?

  3. Luna Blue says on :

    thinking about nothing? thats called meditaion! millions of people do it every day and you broke up with him for it?

  4. Rattrap007 says on :

    Lots of people can just sit and zone out. Guys are not usually very talkative. He may have been thinking about you, the relationship, his to do list, etc. Just because he sat doesn’t mean he didn’t have anything going on upstairs..

  5. Lava says on :

    Welp In my opinion I would say that was pretty weird. Just the idea of walking out after 20mins and seeing him sitting there looking frozen would freak me out.
    But hey thats not why she broke up with him guys. She said she tried for 8 months. Good for her!
    If I’m reading these other comments right, it seems like men are quiet, dim-witted tools? Seriously though why is everyone giving him an excuse for being weird?

  6. scroller says on :

    Next time make him a fuckin sandwich before you shower.

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