“Something very strange”

best of chemistry

We worked together at a bar and you know how that goes: Sweaty work tensions can be relieved with sweaty play. One night after closing the place, we end up back at her studio apartment and go directly bed-wards, where things were marvelous. Afterward, as she slept, I had to use the bathroom and I noticed something very strange about her apartment. She didn’t own a single book. Not one. Not even a thriller or a bodice-ripper or a Reader’s Digest Condensed Classic. That was that.



4 Responses to “Something very strange”

  1. Luna Blue says on :

    so you broke up with her over a lack of books? I dont have any in my house either because once I’ve read them i give them to the local library! what a sorry a$$ snob you are!

  2. Lava says on :

    I have to applaud Will! I don’t think your a snob, not at all. I would have done the same thing. Well first I would have asked about it to be sure then yeah, time to go! That’s like the time I dated a guy and found out he didn’t read…ANYTHING. I knew we wouldn’t last.
    And to the person above (Lunablue) You don’t have any books either?? Not even a dictionary at least? Giving away your books is kind but oh come! If you really appreciated literature you would have at least one hanging around…like a “Idiots Guide to Being a Bitch Online”. *Oh wait I found it! It was holding up your TV stand*

  3. onthesleeve says on :

    this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. p.s. maybe she owns a kindle.

  4. sirfant says on :

    does hustler and penthouse count?you are a pretentious dork you know,you work in a bar and you’re surprised that only women who don’t read will sleep with you?oh and by the way,turn in your man card.

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