“I must run for my life”


At my then-boyfriend’s house I opened a drawer to borrow a T-shirt. All the T-shirts were perfectly folded, as if ironed. I knew right then and there that I must run for my life.


Aftermath: The relationship lasted about six hours after this.


4 Responses to “I must run for my life”

  1. lightswitchon says on :

    What hell? He was cleanly!?!?! That’s why you broke it off!?!?! Picky much?

  2. KnowBuddy says on :

    A lot of military personnel are vets form this habit and carry it on into civilian life. Then again, maybe his Mommy had made a surprise visit/inspection unbeknownst to him earlier that day or week? If he was truly an OCD “neat freak” there would have been abundant signs all around and it would be painfully obvious in his behaviors, mannerisms, dress, etc. and been something valid to run away from, but a drawer of clean folded clothing is jumping to conclusions. He may be a guy who can afford to pay to have all his laundry done for him professionally and returned all neatly folded and ready to store. Did you even ask for explanation?

  3. Rattrap007 says on :

    So it would have been better if it was all crumpled on the floor?

  4. shutterbug says on :

    Really? Seriously? Where was the issue?

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