“Steve Miller Band”


About a year or so into our relationship, my first significant girlfriend made me a mix tape. It was then that I learned that she really, actually, genuinely LIKED the Steve Miller Band. I probably already knew this, but the reality of this fact didn’t hit me until I got that mix tape, popped it in the boombox, and heard the opening riff to “Space Cowboy.” Had I followed my gut reaction at this exact moment, I would have dumped her for good and never talked to her again. I F***ING HATE STEVE MILLER.


Aftermath: This relationship dragged on and off tortuously for more than FOUR years.


2 Responses to “Steve Miller Band”

  1. rickn8or says on :

    Understand perfectly. Hated “Space Cowboy” the first time I heard it; and every song Steve Miller Band ever did sets my teeth on edge.

  2. shutterbug says on :

    Well if it was soo tortuous, then why did you let is drag on for four years. Break it off, remember it takes 2!