“Puppy Love”

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I met a guy who worked at Pet Smart, and we went on a date the next Friday. We went back to my place, and I went to put on my sexy lingerie. I came out to my date simulating doggy-style sex with my dog. I proceeded to watch him slap my dog’s *ss. After I interrupted the two, he said my dog had a nice *ss.


Aftermath: I had to give my dog up for adoption. Unfortunately for Rover, he ended up with an adoption agency that was located in the same Pet Smart the guy worked at. The agency called me a day after giving him up, saying Rover had been adopted.

This post was submitted by Andrew.


4 Responses to “Puppy Love”

  1. EssCee says on :

    I call BS.

  2. Yobwoc says on :

    me too

  3. MajorKelly says on :

    That dog must’ve had one smoking hot ass.

  4. Coleslaw72 says on :