“Cigars or Me?”


My ex gave me an ultimatum: Stop smoking cigars or else. She thought the smell from my clothes after a cigar would affect a child if she was pregnant. I said that was like me working at Pizza Hut, coming home, and her getting fat from smelling my clothes.

— Nate

Aftermath: She dumped me.

This post was submitted by Nate.


3 Responses to “Cigars or Me?”

  1. honeyrrsted says on :

    She’s good to be rid of you. Third-hand smoke is real.

  2. johndoe123 says on :

    actually she’s right, there are studies coming out that show the effects of what’s being called 3rd hand smoking (kinda like the second hand smoking?) where you are exposed to the toxins and what not that stick to clothing, furniture, etc. from smoke.

  3. quietgenie says on :

    I concur. Your analogy about Pizza Hut is out of left field. When you smell Pizza Hut, some Pizza Hut particles are actually entering your nasal passage. If you work at Pizza Hut for a long enough day, you’ll end up with grease boogers (personal experience).

    Now, if you eat them, you could gain a little weight overtime (assuming a sedentary lifestyle).

    Of course, no one knows the effects of long term grease exposure. However, the effects of tobacco smoke exposure are well documented. And even if you’re just smelling it from clothes, furniture, your hair, etc., you’re still being exposed to the toxins produced from burning tobacco.