“To See What it was Like”


My boyfriend called to tell me he kissed a man on the roof of a NYC building because he wanted “to see what it was like” but that it didn’t count as cheating…I was pretty sure kissing someone who was not me was cheating.

— Leche

Aftermath: Somehow I stayed with him for a few more months. After we broke up, he tried to be my friend. I refused.

This post was submitted by Leche.


2 Responses to “To See What it was Like”

  1. Nix says on :

    Odd. I’ve never heard of a man breaking up with a woman for kissing another woman because she wanted to “see what it was like,” except in the case of homophobia. But there’s probably more to this story. You were probably just upset that you weren’t pleasing him so he had to see if maybe he swung the other way, just to find out that it actually was just you he wasn’t attracted to.

  2. quietgenie says on :

    I dunno. Certainly the details of the break up are excluded, but he still sucked face with another. That’s not exactly a mark of fidelity.

    Personally, I might be inclined to forgive snogging — particularly if the person was open with me about it — but plenty of other people, rightly, demand absolute faithfulness.

    Also, whether you’re a male or a female testing the homosexual waters, gender makes not a bit of difference. Cheating is cheating.