“Star Man”


We were at the beach and he pointed at the stars and said “that’s the Big Dipper.” When I looked it was Orion’s Belt.

— W

Aftermath: Told him I was dating someone else.

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5 Responses to “Star Man”

  1. beezy says on :


  2. Nix says on :

    Yeah, seriously. This is the dumbest reason to dump someone that I’ve read on here. And I’ve seen some pretty dumb ones. Besides, those two can easily, EASILY be mistaken. And I think you’ll find it hard to find someone who cares.

  3. Dman says on :

    Your probably the dumby not looking where he was pointing.He’s more then lucky being dumb then putting up with someone so snoby.

  4. leahouwinga says on :

    As said above, that’s a really easy thing to mistake, especially when you know nothing about stars.
    Give the guy a break. He was trying to show you off.

  5. MajorKelly says on :

    “Freaking ignoramus! Doesn’t know one constellation from another. I wouldn’t let him near my children much less father one of them.”