We were each other’s first loves. Completely inseparable, we got together when I was 15, and stayed together for 3.3 years, even surviving several months of being in separate cities when I moved away for university. However, he stopped making effort, considered an hour to be “long distance” and he never listened anymore. So I ended it.


Aftermath: He is now with one of my best friends, and I don’t speak to either of them anymore. However, before they got together, I totally upgraded, and what I thought would be merely a fling has blossomed into an amazing relationship that is ironically what I would call real long distance—I am English and my boyfriend is Canadian. We met at university while he was here for the year and I couldn’t be happier with him. He is perfect for me and far exceeds my ex in EVERY way.

This post was submitted by Hannah.


6 Responses to “Rollercoaster”

  1. Kamms says on :

    Wow – this is pretty much EXACTLY the same as me. Honestly, it’s creepy. I thought maybe I’d written it and forgotten, then I realised my name isn’t Hannah and my boyfriend isn’t Canadian. But still…

  2. taznc25 says on :

    Sounds like you only do well with men that live long distances from you. maybe you should take that as a clue.

  3. Han_Kat says on :

    Well considering that my ex and I was were not doing long distance for the first 2 years of our relationship and also added to this the fact now my now boyfriend and I never intended to stay together past his time with me here I’d say taznc25 that that’s a pretty short-sighted and ill judged comment.

  4. Han_Kat says on :

    Wow that last comment made me sound dumb…I need to reread what I type.
    My point was, my ex boyfriend and I were not originally long distance and our relationship suffered because of his lack of effort when we lived in separate cities and it’s not like we got together while we lived apart. As for my now boyfriend, we never expected to stay together past his studies but we’ve been dating 14 months now and I’m going to Canada for several months later in the year so I hardly think that means I only do well with men I live away from…

  5. jessisit says on :

    If you describe the length of your relationship in decimals you’re not over him, bro!

  6. jessisit says on :

    Also, not really a ‘it was over when’ story. More like ‘it slowly fizzled over a long period of time’ story.