“Hanging Out”


We were married not quite 4 years when she started spending a lot of time “hanging out” with a coworker. I was too trusting to say anything, then she stopped coming home at night. Shortly after, she said she had feelings for him and needed time to figure things out. I held on for as long as I could, then asked for a divorce.


Aftermath: They were together for several years and ended up getting married. On their 2nd anniversary he asked her for a divorce. I did a little dance when I found out.

This post was submitted by shane.


2 Responses to “Hanging Out”

  1. amanda says on :

    1. I never stopped coming home at night, jerk. You were the one who was gone for long stretches of time. And you were the one who woke up in bed with my best friend. Who then threw up at being so disgusted at what you two had done.

    2. Did your fiance or wife or whatever do a little dance when you gave her the same ring you gave me? Did you tell her that the tat on your arm was inspired by me (or, at least, that you told me it was)?

    3. We found out I can’t have children, and he couldn’t deal. But hey, it’s all worthwhile if you got your little happy dance out of it, right?

    4. Maybe you should stop looking me up online and go be happy with your wife.

  2. Fabu Lous says on :

    You are pretty much a tool, but you probably know that.