“Getting Even”

best of clashes

My wife of 20 years cheated the 1st time with her boss & the 2nd time with our Roman Catholic priest. She cried & begged me to stay. I did & watched her spend all her savings to nice me up while I saved every cent. Now she is broke & brokenhearted and can’t pay next months rent. She will be evicted. I’m leaving this weekend fully satisfied and vindicated.


Aftermath: I won’t even say good-bye. She’ll have to figure it out.

This post was submitted by Louis.


6 Responses to “Getting Even”

  1. TCS says on :

    you, my friend, are awesome 😉

  2. Luna Blue says on :

    2 wrongs dont make a right

  3. AllForMe says on :

    No but 3 wrongs make a left

  4. superrdude says on :

    Yes, but if he makes another wrong, he’ll be heading in the exact same direction.

  5. TXgirl says on :

    Two Negatives (-) make a Positive (+)!

  6. sirfant says on :

    it might sound like a good idea but getting even won’t make you feel better in the long run.been there,done that.

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