best of chemistry

It somehow came up in discussion, and apparently I’ve kissed more girls than he has. And I’ve never even been into girls. I think he needs more dating experience before getting serious with me.


Aftermath: I’m procrastinating ending things. Maybe a break, or a breakup. I swear I’ve tried, but he’s so cute…

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3 Responses to “Inexperienced”

  1. Luna Blue says on :

    little reverse sexism for ya there. think how you’d feel if he did that to you.

  2. MajorKelly says on :

    The more girls a guy has been with, the less likely he’ll stop when he gets to you. You have a chance at a guy with almost no “old girlfriend” baggage, and he’s cute? I’d stick with him.

  3. der51106 says on :

    so you are what 16 he is 15?