“Door number 1 or 2?”


I was dating two girls very casually in two cities and I had sex with both of them several times in 2 weeks.
It was a no-strings-enjoy-yourself-kinda-thing between both of them, they never found out about each other.
Then I got an STD and I couldn’t figure out which one of them did it and I had to tell both of them.
It’s too bad, the redhead was amazing in bed.


Aftermath: I still don’t know which one of them had it first.

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2 Responses to “Door number 1 or 2?”

  1. Luna Blue says on :

    you get what you deserve idiot!

  2. rayray says on :

    Why is he an idiot Luna Blue? Allegedly it was a “no-strings-enjoy-yourself-kinda-thing between both of them” and he manned up and told them both that he caught an STD. I give him credit for telling both of them. The idiot in this scenario was the gal that GAVE him the STD…not him!