“Mentally & Physically”

best of secrets!

On our one-month anniversary, he emailed me to cancel our dinner date because his friend was in the hospital. I found out later that this “friend” was his ex that he still wasn’t over, and the “hospital” was a mental institution. She had come to school after an all-night drug bender and started acting so crazy, they had to handcuff her to a desk. When he heard about what happened, he banged his head against the wall and made it look like an accident, so he could be sent home from school and then go see her.


Aftermath: It was over the moment he confessed to me that during his visit, he supported her “both mentally and physically.”


2 Responses to “Mentally & Physically”

  1. Nix says on :

    I stopped reading after I found out you were celebrating a one month anniversary.

  2. rayray says on :

    ^^NICE!!^^ Ahhhh…to be young again!