Second date, bill came. I offered to split the bill and he told me I should pay since he got the first date. So much for chivalry.


Aftermath: He tried to make-out with me after that. Denied! I ignored the next two weeks of phone calls and texts.

This post was submitted by Sara.


3 Responses to “Chivalry”

  1. quietgenie says on :

    That was a close one. Good thing you turned out to be such a cheapskate. He might have had the life sucked out of him before the end of your relationship otherwise.

  2. lucy says on :

    You shoulda told him you were a hooker right up front, it would have saved you both a lot of time and aggravation.

  3. jessisit says on :

    I would say, for me, it would be more the fact that he felt the need to keep track about who owed who what and demand that she pay. If what the poster was offering wasn’t good enough for him then he should have accepted the situation, pay his half and then not returned her phone calls. It’s not fair to demand anything of anyone in a relationship even if it is the “keep things even” or whatever he felt. Keeping track of who owes who what is making the situation more into a act of prostitution than what the poster did.