“Press Record”

best of quirks

She was a big ER fan and one night set it to record while we were watching it. I knew what was coming.


Aftermath: Very awkwardly, she said “Look, we need to talk. I want to see other people” and I started laughing at her. It ended right there.

This post was submitted by Joe.


4 Responses to “Press Record”

  1. sexykritter says on :

    Sounds like she’s lucky to be rid of you douche! Who cares if she records her favorite shows.. you don’t have a favorite movie you’ve watched a dozen times? Pathetic lol

  2. HeartlessMachine says on :

    I’m pretty sure he’s saying that he knew something was coming when she hit the “record” button. Because she always watched the show, it would be odd for her to record it rather than continue to watch it.

    Obviously, her recording the show was an indicator that something MORE important was about to happen.

    And since you couldn’t figure that one out, I think it makes YOU “pathetic lol.”

  3. broomy says on :

    I don’t get how this is a quirk… Being an ER fan is quirky somehow? This one is lame for sure.

  4. unsaidpromises says on :

    He’s not talking about the show, people. Like HeartlessMachine said, he’s saying that by recording it, even though it was on and she was able to watch it, she was obviously going to be distracted for some reason…. aka the break-up. Yeesh.