“Funeral Flowers”


He brought me carnations on our date.


Aftermath: There wasn’t one…we didn’t go out again.

This post was submitted by Kimberly.


7 Responses to “Funeral Flowers”

  1. Elric says on :

    I hope, for the sake of all of your future relationships, this is a joke.
    No one could be this shallow. You could have just told him you don’t like flowers.
    He didn’t have to bring you anything.

  2. sexykritter says on :

    I have to agree..just because he brought you carnations? WOW.

  3. broomy says on :

    I’m happy for him. You’re saving him from dating your moronic self.

  4. KnowBuddy says on :

    Did he show up for the date with pre-planned flowers in hand, just for you, or are you implying it was a spontaneous act and gift purchase during the date, when he happened to see carnations for sale? Either way, it clearly demonstrates he was thinking about you, attempting to please you, and it’s far more than most guys would have done, and apparently more attention and care than you deserve. What were you expecting of him, nothing, or roses, or what? What was the occasion, something like a prom that required flowers by tradition? Not all women like any 1 kind of flowers, and I’ve dated more than a couple who did NOT like roses, or “store bought” flowers of any kind, etc. etc. Some even go as far as to tell a guy in advance, “never buy me roses/flowers/candy or whatever”. You could have clued him in to all your dislikes gracefully in advance, if you wanted to expect pleasing efforts and gifts from him in the future. Your bad.

  5. BulletBoy says on :

    I’m in agreement with the rest — that was just a silly choice. He didn’t have to bring you ANYTHING. And I’ve heard many women state preferences for all sorts of flowers…or none at all.

    I’m intrigued at the thought of what other whimsical reason you might have chosen to not date this person if he had not bought you carnations…

  6. Luna Blue says on :

    im a daisey girl myself but carnations would be just as welcome, its the thought that counts especially if the poor guy doesnt know your preference or lack there of. but i agee with the others lucky him for escaping your clutches, who knows what emotional damage youd have done to the poor man

  7. Rattrap007 says on :

    gotta go with the crowd. You were very ungrateful. He didn’t HAVE to buy you anything. He did a nice gesture and you dump him for it. He got out early.. lucky him.