best of sex

I broke up with my boyfriend for a number of reasons, which I clearly told him: 1) I didn’t love him anymore and 2) I had cheated on him the night before. His tearful response was, “We can still have sex, right?” Um, “No dude, we cannot, and by asking that question you just denied yourself that chance, which yes, probably would have happened.”


Aftermath: We did not have sex ever again, but there was one drunken make-out session many, many months later. He also went crazy and somewhat stalked me.


2 Responses to “Right?”

  1. Anwen says on :

    So you couldn’t have broken up with him BEFORE you slept with someone else? Sounds like you’re a very responsible adult. He’s better off.

  2. Craigy says on :

    Anwen, grow up and go get laid you judgemental sour freakshow.