best of weird

On our second date, we had just ordered our drinks. She took this time to tell me that she and her kids thought I would make a great step dad.


Aftermath: It was over before the waitress took our meal order.

This post was submitted by Doug.


5 Responses to “Daddy”

  1. kmackenzie says on :

    Typical male…running scared…

  2. quietgenie says on :

    Second date daddy pressure is not running scared, it’s prudently removing oneself from a potentially psychotic situation.

  3. the_bulk says on :

    Oh oh…sounds like “kmackenzie” is a mom with 3 kids that can’t find a man either! LOL!

  4. Anwen says on :

    I don’t feel that it’s running scared. That is the type of thing that is brought up right off the bat, which gives him time to weigh the options. She also didn’t give him the option, she just assumed he would be okay with it.

  5. sexykritter says on :

    I don’t blame him one bit for running! I’m a single mom I wouldn’t even introduce my kid to my date until after SEVERAL dates let alone bring up being a potential step parent..ever. Who does that? Girl must have had issues.