“Friends season premiere”

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When I got pregnant, we couldn’t have sextoo riskyso you can imagine how 11 and half months later I was more than ready to be touched again. Imagine my surprise when I lit the candles, put on the lingerie and presented myself to my husband, only to be told “Um, can we do this tomorrow? It’s the season premiere of Friends and I don’t wanna miss it” All I could do was go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I did for a week after that; he had no clue what he did to me.


Aftermath: The relationship ended that evening, in my heart anyway, and I asked for a divorce three months later. He never touched me again, the thought sickened me. I deserved better, so much better!!!


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  1. MajorKelly says on :

    You broke up your family and refused to let your husband touch you again because he asked you to postpone sex for one night??? After he’d (presumably) been patient not having sex with you for 11 months? Have you ever heard of post-partum depression? It sounds like you weren’t in your right mind.