“Pocket Bible”


On our second date when at the restaurant, while we were waiting for our dinner, he pulled out his pocket Bible and asked me what my favorite verse was. When I couldn’t think of one, he read me his favorite one and preached to me about God’s love for the rest of the night.


Aftermath: I went out with him one more time so he wouldn’t think that his God talk scared me away. But it totally did!


3 Responses to “Pocket Bible”

  1. Fabu Lous says on :

    You should have asked him about the first part of the bible. When God said “let there be light” on day one, where did it come from? God made the sun on the 4th day.
    And why would it take nearly a week to make the earth and only a day for the rest of the universe?
    Great conversation killers!

  2. rickn8or says on :

    I would have answered “I didn’t realize I was required to have one” as I headed for the door.

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