“Legally Blonde”

best of chemistry

It was over when he constantly wanted to listen to “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and then did the “bend and snap” in front of one of my gay friends at a wedding. All I ever heard from my friends after that was how obviously gay he was.


Aftermath: It lasted for another 9 months. Ultimately ended because he cheated on me…twice. At least it was with a girl.


One Response to “Legally Blonde”

  1. t_newt says on :

    So…it was over when you decided he was gay and he cheated with you twice with a girl.

    You and your friends seriously need to get their gaydar recalibrated, or just stop talking about who is gay and who isn’t and just accept people for who they are.

    I’ve known guys who come across as gau. uet tend to always be seen with and chased by gorgeous women. My conclusion is that they don’t come across as very macho but are very good in other ways…