best of sex

I came home a couple of days early from a trip and caught him masturbating while sniffing my underwear.


Aftermath: I stayed at a friend’s house that night and started apartment shopping first thing in the morning. I let him keep

the thong as I won’t be needing it again.


10 Responses to “Sniffer”

  1. kk says on :

    To break up over that? Wow. I’d think it’d be a compliment.

  2. edawg says on :

    What the f***….. you’re breaking up because of THAT? good luck getting someone else. at least he was sniffing YOUR undies and not someone else’s. Or worse DOING someone else.

  3. intothewild says on :

    Bad decision. Was it because he was masturbating or because he was sniffing your undies? Either way you’re being ridiculous.

  4. alkaloids says on :

    Yeah, baby, you don’t know what sex is for. Get it on, bang a gong, get it on.

  5. eckiddo says on :

    i don’t know, that would kind of creep me out too. depending on how long you were together.

  6. stax says on :

    I dunno. I still think this ranks in the Over-Reaction Hall of Fame.

  7. Tyrosine says on :

    So it’s wrong when I do this? Should I stop?

  8. loungeymrt says on :

    talk about uptight, every guy does this (maybe not the underwear thing), but its YOUR underwear so whats the big deal….friggin’ prude!

  9. Craigy says on :

    Holy Christ, you guys think she’s overreacting for this? You must be the creepiest bunch of chauvinistic virgins walking the planet.

    Even as a guy I know that’s a creepy no no.

  10. sirfant says on :

    sound like you did the guy a favor.come on craigy,we wouldn’t be reading this stuff if we weren’t a bit creepy lol.