“Kimmy Gibbler”


One night I realized that my South African boyfriends’ accent annoyed me more than Kimmy Gibbler annoyed Danny Tanner on “Full House.” He realized that I hated him and broke up with me on G-chat that night


Aftermath: My best friend de-friended him on Facebook and told him to go “stoff himself.”


3 Responses to “Kimmy Gibbler”

  1. flimflamjam says on :

    wtf? because of his ACCENT? are you dense?… I’d quicker laugh then be insulted, and most likely for the south african guy’s sake, I would go for someone more on your own level of intelligence. seriously are you like 13 or something?

  2. Anwen says on :

    Hating him for his accent… Wow.

    I completely agree with flimflamjam, and then some.

  3. Anonymous78 says on :

    I agree with flimflamjam as well. And not just because that’s an awesome screen name.