“The Giggler”

best of sex

He giggled after sex. And not just a little, it was pretty hearty giggling like someone just told the funniest damn joke…and it last for about 5 minutes. It was some kind of “tick” that he had. He couldn’t control it and it happened to him every time.

—No Sense of Humor

Aftermath: I tried to give it a shot, he was a nice guy & I didn’t want to be shallow. But I couldn’t take it. A couple weeks & few more “giggle” sessions later, I stopped responding. It was just too weird!


2 Responses to “The Giggler”

  1. stax says on :

    This is a perfectly normal condition. Some of us (snicker) have (giggle) it (ha!) bad. I’m actually not kidding.

  2. Jessie562 says on :

    I can’t handle that either. It’s hard to be intimate when someone’s laughing their ass off.