“Silent, again”


I knew it was over when I woke up and saw him sitting at the table in candle-light smoking a cigarette alone and silent, again. Why be there instead of touching me? Why so distant in that world of darkness and the past? He was so handsome with long brown hair, pale skin, lean body…but so filled with blood and shadows. He told me all he wanted was light and love…but I wondered then if it was true. I remember falling asleep staring at the LED red numbers of the time on the alarm clock: 3:16 a.m.


Aftermath: A few weeks later we parted dramatically. It was like raking knives through my heart, but I knew he was never really mine. Whoever or whatever he loved, it was not me.


5 Responses to “Silent, again”

  1. reggiemcfarlin says on :

    This guy is well rid of you. Why does a guy have to be focused on you for 24 hours a day? You even want him focusing on you when you are sleeping! Why does it have to be about you all of the time? For all you know, he could have been thinking about you anyway. You say you parted dramatically, I have a feeling that you do everything dramatically.

  2. eckiddo says on :

    starting a new vampire novel? sure sounds like it.

  3. Aroneus says on :

    I’d prefer to have somebody dribbling cigarette ash on me in bed. At 3:15 in the freakin’ morning.

  4. flimflamjam says on :

    holy crap, please go into writing as a profession. you are seriously good at it. all your sentences were so well balanced and textured with imagery. had to read it a few times again.

  5. Anwen says on :

    I agree with comment 4. You certainly have eloquence with words.